EG Personeelsdiensten

Human resources:
EG Personeelsdiensten specialises in the temporary employment and secondment of migrant workers in the horticultural sector. EG Personeelsdiensten is also one of the initiators of the Westland Heeft Werk project. In this project, people with a disadvantage on the labour market are placed with clients in the horticultural sector.

Quality. EG Personeelsdiensten has personnel services:
EG Personeelsdiensten considers its employees to be of paramount importance. They are fully supervised in the social field, housing and transport. EG Personeelsdiensten also arranges appropriate training for many of its employees. This allows the employee to grow in his/her position with the client. EG Personeelsdiensten complies with all mandatory certifications and is a member of the ABU. In short, EG Personeelsdiensten is reliable, stands for quality and is good for its employees.

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