Gremon has also joined as a partner of Tomatoworld

Last month, Gremon and Tomatoworld signed a partner agreement.

The primary aim of Gremon System Ltd., agricultural IT company, is to provide businesses with professional, innovative and user-friendly decision support systems. The use of these systems makes it possible to optimize the operation of different businesses, to reduce environmental pressure considerably and to cut expenses, even in the short term.

The partnership offers Gremon an opportunity to be a member of a professional international team and to show the visitors that their products are essential for the data-driven growing ecosystem. Tomatoworld uniquely provides the perfect circumstances to demonstrate these systems installed in a real greenhouse and thanks to TW’s central location, growers and inquirers from all around the global market can study them in action. We hope that this opportunity leads to Gremon Systems being able to help more and more people to optimize irrigation, check on plant activity, decrease costs and get the genetic maximum of their plantation.

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