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Grandpa Levarht started our company in 1933, just outside Amsterdam. His passion and perfectionism for fresh fruit and vegetables had already ensured in those years that he collaborated with growers all over the world to offer our customers top quality. Now, more than 85 years later, this passion, pioneering spirit and dedication are still in the DNA of our family business. Properties we bring with us in working with our customers, our growers and our partners. 

Levarht's role in the supply chain is that of a connector. By bringing together the parties that best match each other, all partners within the chain can inspire each other and help each other further. We make the connection between crop breeders and growers on the one hand and retailers and consumers on the other. Together we have valuable knowledge of the entire chain and can deliver the best quality products. As our slogan says: 'bringing the best' we do not only do, but 'together'. 

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More information about Levarht: www.levarht.com

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