Why, How, What

The WHY of Tomatoworld

We believe that the Dutch greenhouse horticulture sector, with its knowledge, technologies and sustainable cultivation methods, can make an unmistakable contribution to the global food problem and that it is important to express this story.

Tomatoworld let visitors experience the Dutch greenhouse horticulture sector so that they become aware of the value of this sector and of the role they can play in relation to the world food challenges.

HOW we fill in our WHY:

  • We are constantly renewing and ensuring that we have up-to-date information available. We do this together with our partners, renowned companies from the sector.
  • We focus on the information needs of the visitor. For this purpose we have an expert team of guides available.
  • We are open to young and old, national and international, and share our knowledge so that they can multiply it.
  • We share with passion our proud information about the sector. We want to use this to hit our visitors so that they become ambassadors and share our story.
  • We connect companies and organisations from the sector with each other and with our visitors so that new insights, solutions and innovations can be created for the world's food supply.

WHAT does Tomatoworld do:

  • In our experience centre we tell a unique conceptual story with a multidimensional experience: seeing, hearing, tasting, feeling, smelling, learning.
  • We have a greenhouse with more than 80 different tomato varieties in which sustainable cultivation can be seen and learned with our own eyes.
  • We offer teaching programmes for every level of education.
  • We deliver customized information.
  • We use the expertise of our partners to better meet customer needs.
  • We rent out our inspiring space to companies and organisations that share our meaning.
  • We work together with companies and organisations on themes such as sustainability, healthy food, taste, innovation and cultivation methods,
  • We give guest lessons at and for schools.
    We have an active social media policy
    We receive a growing number of visitors

Sector horticulture innovations

Energy, Water, Robotics

We facilitate a healhy food movement

Healthy Food Academy

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