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There is a growing interest in tasty and healthy eating. The 80/20 principle of Dutch Cuisine is healthy for both man and the planet. We show you how Dutch growers take care of healthy, tasteful and sustainably grown products.

During the tour you will visit our fieldlab for data driven cultivation where more than 35 different tomato varieties are grown with sensors and cameras according to the Plant Empowerment concept. And... of course you can taste all the different types of tomatoes.

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Chef-cook Pierre Wind

"Every time you visit Tomatoworld, you make new friends. There can be two hundred different people just like that. Red, yellow, green, purple, spotted, hairy, rough or smooth. And, they all blush. Stroke, smell and talk to them. They all have a beautiful story!

Pierre Wind

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It is essential for cooks (in training) and serving staff to get background information about where vegetables come from. This way the service is optimized. 

You can also extend the tour with a cressen workshop!