Ludvig Svensson - Hinova

As of June 1, 2022, Svensson will own Hinova including all its assets. The company will become part of the Svensson family and operate as an independent production and development company, while all sales will be conducted as ClimaFlow by Svensson.

Hinova, the manufacturer of the innovative vertical ventilation systems, stands for quality and proven technology. These characteristics fit perfectly with Svensson's philosophy and high quality standards. By adding Hinova's knowledge and products to its range and offering ClimaFlow, Svensson is growing further in its ambition to be a leading partner in climate solutions in horticulture.

The partnership gives visitors to Tomatoworld a good picture and especially feeling of how Svensson optimizes greenhouse climate. Vertical air movement ensures an active crop and it is very suitable to make the step to grow more energy efficient.

Svensson has a lot of experience with different crops and screen systems to make the work go as smoothly as possible during implementation in your existing greenhouse or new construction.

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Website Ludvig Svensson

Website Ludvig Svensson

Website Ludvig Svensson

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