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We offer interactive tours with contemporary themes for your students. And of course they visit Tomatoworld's demonstration office. Here they can see with their own eyes how 35 different tomato varieties are grown with the latest techniques. They hear the bumblebees flying and see what is being done to get a beautiful, tasty tomato. They will learn how diseases and pests are treated biologically and... of course they taste the different types of tomatoes.

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How are we going to feed 9 billion people?

This global challenge is central to Tomatoworld and comes in every tour in different ways, but always interactive, offerings. 
- Population growth and urbanisation
- Finiteness of fossil fuels 
- Global warming
- Scarcity of fresh water 
- Wasting food 
- The importance of healthy eating 
are themes that are important for the future of the students.

During the tour of Tomatoworld, students experience at their own level the feeling that every world citizen can also contribute to the solutions of the world food problem through his/her own food choice and lifestyle.