Orance – Grow Light Architects, serves as the strategic, brand-agnostic partner for the top tier of the global horticulture industry.

With over four decades of experience in the horticultural market and extensive technical expertise in grow light systems, we stand as a committed partner. Our team of Grow Light Specialists guides clients in selecting and investing in the most suitable LED grow light system tailored to their business requirements, enabling them to achieve optimal results. Moreover, we advise entrepreneurs with modifications and maintenance of existing grow light installations. In collaboration with our clients, we have made a significant contribution to the sustainability of the horticulture sector by replacing HPS fixtures with advanced LED technology.

With the right specialized expertise within our company, we serve as experts in the field of lighting, guiding the top-tier market players in the acquisition of new grow light installations. Our extensive experience in electrical engineering and expertise in LED lighting, combined with our brand independence, enables us to provide entrepreneurs with advice that contributes to the growth of their business. " We stand alongside our clients.”


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