What is Tomatoworld

TOMATOWORLD is an information and education centre in Westland that expresses the great value of the Dutch greenhouse horticulture sector and its obvious contribution to the global food challenge.

The greenhouse of Tomatoworld is the ultimate data driven greenhouse (DDG), the future of growing! The concept of DDG is, as the name implies, based on the use and analysis of data to optimize crop-health and production. Data is collected 24/7 from the climate computer, sensors and cameras in the greenhouse The IIVO an advanced computer controls the cultivation. 

A visit to Tomatoworld is the ultimate experience where all your senses are stimulated. You will be aware of the global challenges that we face together and the solutions that the Dutch greenhouse horticulture sector has to offer to the world food problem. You will receive personalized information from highly experienced guides on, among other things, sustainable cultivation methods, innovative techniques and knowledge of the Dutch horticultural cluster.

Tomatoworld connects you with our partners, Companies that are champions league players and masters of horticulture.


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