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Visitors about Tomatoworld

Jos van Mil

Growers and agri/horticulture business Tomato grower from Tommies (Greenco) Excursions for Growers and agri/horticulture business

John Clavel

Food & Retail Agri chef Jumbo Koornneef Excursions for Food & Retail

Natascha Faessen

Business Hoogendoorn Growth Management Excursions for Business

André Nieuwenhuijse

Government/policymakers/ministers Agriculture expert Dutch Government Excursions for Government/policymakers/ministers

Dave van Koppen

Primary school and Highschool Teacher primary school Excursions for Primary school and Highschool

Hans Ligtenberg

Professional education and university Teacher University of Delft Excursions for Professional education and university

Naoko Takashima

Touroperators Guide at Tomatoworld foundation Excursions for Touroperators

Pierre Wind

Cooks/Food/restaurants Chef cook and programmaker Excursions for Cooks/Food/restaurants

Arie Fakkert and friends

Consumer visits Consumers visitors Excursions for Consumer visits

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Global Challenges Dutch Solutions

TOMATOWORLD is an information and education centre in Westland that expresses the great value of the Dutch greenhouse horticulture sector and its obvious contribution to the world food challenge.

A visit to Tomatoworld is the ultimate experience where all your senses are stimulated. You will become aware of the global challenges we face together and the solutions that Dutch greenhouse horticulture has to offer for the world food problem. You will receive information tailored to your wishes from highly experienced guides about sustainable cultivation methods, innovative techniques and knowledge of the Dutch horticultural cluster. And connections are made with partners that are of interest to you.

Made possible by...

Tomatoworld was founded in 2008 by innovative and committed partners. Companies that are proud of this vital and sustainable sector and the technological leading position it occupies in the rest of the world. The initiators and founding fathers of Tomatoworld are Greenco, known from the Tommies tomatoes and The Greenery.

See all our partners here. Want to become a partner of Tomatoworld? Check out the possibilities.