Van der Ende Group

Since February 2022, Van Der Ende Group entered into a partnership agreement with Tomatoworld.
Van der Ende Group is an innovator, manufacturer and supplier of technical products in the areas of water engineering, air handling and industrial filtration technology. Van der Ende Group provides specialist advice, knowledge and extensive technical services to the (greenhouse) horticulture sector, manufacturing industry, construction / contracting and the semi-public sector. Their many innovative products are sold throughout the world. These products include pioneering climate solutions, such as the Airmix: an innovative system that allows controlled ventilation and dehumidification of greenhouse air, both horizontally and vertically, while keeping the screens closed, in order to achieve an optimum and uniform greenhouse climate.
Tomatoworld’s greenhouse provides an ideal setting for the new climate control solutions developed by Van der Ende Group to be tested in practice. These solutions are further developments and extensions of existing concepts and/or completely new innovations. Van der Ende Group will use the data collected in the greenhouse to further optimise their climate control systems. The infrastructure of Tomatoworld’s greenhouse makes it a perfect environment for this optimisation.
The partnership offers new possibilities for Van der Ende Group and the other Tomatoworld partners in their endeavour to create the ultimate greenhouse of the future, where sustainability, efficiency and re-use are essential elements.

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