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Welcoming the Gemeenste Westland with Ukrainian delegation

Today was an exciting day when we welcomed the Gemeente Westland together with a delegation from hashtagUkraine, consisting of approximately 50 people.

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Region boosts diditization in greenhouses with RoboCrops Vliegende Start en 5G Fieldlab

Tomatoworld will take the next step in data-driven growing!

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Japanese tomato harvest robot in action in Tomatoworld

A new tomato harvesting robot has recently been driving through the paths of Tomatoworld. It is the latest product of inaho Europe, a subsidiary of the Japanese company inaho.  "The purpose of launching the demonstration at Tomatoworld is to allow more interested people to see the robot in operation," says Takahito Shimizu, managing director of inaho Europe. "We want to demonstrate the robot and receive more feedback from growers, in order to develop and increase the value of the robot." 

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The future of Growing is data driven

Tomatoworld's greenhouse has been transformed into a date driven greenhouse. It's equipped with dozens of sensors and camera's to collect data.

29th of April the launch of the Data Driven Growing project took place. Did you miss it? Click the button and wacht the recording on our Dutch Horti Platform.

The platform will provide you the coming weeks new content regarding Data Driven Growing. Stay tuned in.

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Tomatoworld demo center for Data Driven Growing

It is the 12,5-year anniversary of Tomatoworld and a year in which they have the courage to invest into the future. In cooperation with Hoogendoorn Growth Management, and other Hortimasters, Tomatoworld implements a Data Driven Growing Strategy and becomes a living lab for innovations. This development is the perfect anniversary present to their worldwide business relations who want to be ahead of innovations from the Dutch greenhouse horticulture sector. The livestream launch will take place at 29th of April.

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Enza Zaden joins Tomatoworld again

In the greenhouse of Tomatoworld, there are 18 tomato varieties of Enza Zaden this year. They have once again joined the network of partners. Enza Zaden develops new vegetable varieties that are grown, sold and eaten all over the world.

As an independent family company, Enza Zaden has been active for three generations. Core values such as entrepreneurship, long-term vision and a focus on innovation characterise the company's distinctive character and healthy growth. The core question that is central to the Tomatoworld exhibition "How to feed almost 10 billion people in 2050" is also an important starting point for Enza Zaden.

In its daily work, it is all about developing the right varieties for the right climate so that varied and healthy vegetables can be eaten all over the world. For Enza Zaden, the new direction of Tomatoworld in which data-driven cultivation technologies are validated and demonstrated is an interesting development that they would like to be a part of.

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Dutch Horti Platform

For and by people who want to improve their production and contribute to the global food challenge.

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New partners and friends

Since this year, Tomatoworld has been joined by several new companies.

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Hoogendoorn Growth Management has been a partner of Tomatoworld for years. With the introduction of the new all-in-one process computer IIVO, the decision was made to also place this advanced 'next level' climate computer at Tomatoworld.

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New scissor trolleys from Berg Hortimotive

Tomatoworld will be able to do the cropwork safely this new growing season. Out of the hands of Marco van der Velden, managing director of Berg Hortimotive, we received two brand new tube-rail scissor trolleys (S-series Benomic). It's a nice gesture resulting from the cooperation with Tomatoworld.

And how cool that the colors match the Tomatoworld house style so well. We are pleased that we will soon be able to show our visitors the innovative techniques Dutch companies in the greenhouse horticulture sector have to offer.

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Pleasant cooperation with Zhongnong Futong

From the pleasant cooperation with our parter. Zhongnong Futong, weekly Q&A sessions emerged. In these sessions growers of our partner Zhongnong Futong are trained and advised on their cultivation strategy. As soon as we wil be travelling again, growers will receive hands-on training in the greenhouse at Tomatoworld.

Through Zhongnong Futong's We-chat channel, Tomatoworld is being promoted to the Chinese horticultural sector and government agencies.

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PRESS RELEASE Dutch Sino new partner of Tomatoworld

Dutch Sino Business Promotions B.V. (DSBP) from Rotterdam has joined the Tomatoworld foundation in Honselersdijk as a partner.

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PRESS RELEASE Tomatoworld welcomes new Asian partner Cau Futong

On 24 October, a partnership agreement was signed by education and information centre for greenhouse horticulture, Tomatoworld and Cau Futong from Beijing.

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Hoogendoorn opens new office and training center in Mexico

On September 3, 2019, leading horticultural automation supplier Hoogendoorn Growth Management officially opened its new Mexican office and training center. During the opening ceremony the new Dutch agricultural counsellor, Mr. Erik Plaisier, officially opend the new office,. Mr. Erik Plaisier expressed the importance of local presence and knowledge sharing in order to contribute to an innovative and sustainable development of the Mexican greenhouse industry.

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'With vertical farming all year round and 24/7 cultivation'.

Nobody can predict the future, but vertical farming is mentioned as an important development in the growing demand for healthy food. Product engineer Pim de Jong of Codema talks about the advantages and challenges of this form of indoor food cultivation.

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New partner Surplus Systems opens the door to retail further

Education and information centre of the greenhouse horticulture Tomatoworld welcomes Surplus Systems from Bonn as a new partner.

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Trias Westland starts delivery of geothermal heat!

Since this week, growers who are members of TRIAS Westland can make use of the supply of geothermal heat. After two months of delay, the geothermal pit at Lange Broekweg in Naaldwijk is finally up and running, according to the WOS.

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Good management with lower substrate volume in Hybrid-lit tomato


We are already well on the way with the cultivation. Last week the head was taken out of the crop, so this week we will realise the last setting. Despite the nice weather we have to stay focused to get a good end result. The summer days demand a lot from the plants when it comes to keeping the water balance at the right level. This also means for us that we have to be careful that we give the plant the opportunity to do this.

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Delegation from Japan

Westland HortiTours has been commissioned by the Municipality of Westland to guide the delegation from Japan, Kochi to Eminent Food, Greenpack, Tomatoworld and Gebr E & W Valstar.

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Where can I find Tomatoworld's partners and friends at GreenTech 11-12-13 June 2019

On 11 - 12 - 13 June 2019, you'll find all horticulture market leaders and experts under one roof, at GreenTech Amsterdam!

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WATER WEEK 1- 12 MAY 2019

WATER WEEK 1 - 12 May We all know the amount of usable water on Earth 🌍 is scarce. But did you know that the greenhouse horticulture sector is looking for ways to help reduce the amount of water 💧they use in the cultivation of vegetables?

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Partners Tomatoworld

Tomatoworld is made possible by the support of leading companies in the greenhouse horticulture cluster. By sharing their knowledge and expertise we provide visitors from home and abroad with the latest information!

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New partner Huhtamaki

Please meet our new partner Huhtamaki! Global specialist in packaging for food and drink, dedicated to making every consumer experience enjoyable, consistent, and safe by treating our world with respect.

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Dutch movie from Bloomberg

Bloomberg: How the Dutch have become (and still are) world leaders in modern agriculture. The knowledge and the state of the art technology are vital for feeding our growing population. Do you want to learn more about #globalchallengesDutchsolutions

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Fruit Logistica 2019

Meet our partners and friends at the FRUIT LOGISTICA 6 to 8 february 2019

Were to find these Dutch prestigious companies:

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PRESS RELEASE Growing by Plant Empowerment in Latin America

Last week Querétaro, Mexico was the setting for the biggest Plant Empowerment seminar in Latin America so far. An overwhelming amount of 135 interested growers from all over Mexico gathered to hear about the principles of Growing by Plant Empowerment (GPE), that were explained by speakers from Plant Empowerment partners Hoogendoorn,, Koppert, Svensson and Cultilene. The message of cultivation optimization based on plant vigor was very well received.


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Hinova BV new partner Tomatoworld

Early 2019 Hinova BV will join the partner team of Tomatoworld! This week the VentilationJet system was already hung in our demo greenhouse.

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-PRESS RELEASE- Tomatoworld and World Horti Center join forces

14 December 2018

Tomatoworld and World Horti Center join forces with the aim of putting the horticultural sector even better on the national and international map. The collaboration will be operational by welcoming visitors together, organising events and training programmes. To this end, both parties signed a letter of intent yesterday.


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Dinner in the greenhouse minister and guests

#Proud that we received this party in Tomatoworld.

Marjolijn Sonnema Dec 4 Twitter:
Dinner of Minister Carola Schouten with AgriNL about the Vision LNV in @TomatoworldNL. Good meal, and above all good conversation about the future of the agro Netherlands. @Agrifirm @LTONederland @Avebe_group @PlukonFoodGroup @VanDrieGroup @FrieslndCampina @Rabobank @minlnv

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BASF Vegetable Seeds partner Tomatoworld

Surrounded by Nunhems vine tomatoes Miranda van den Ende (Tomatoworld) welcomes Harm Ammerlaan and BASF as new partners of the Tomatoworld Foundation.

BASF Vegetable Seeds is the worldwide specialist in the development of vegetable seeds for professional horticulture. Under the brand name Nunhems, BASF offers high quality seeds, expert advice and specialized crop teams support customers in the production and marketing of their products.

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Ministry of Agriculture and Horticulture from India

भारत से कृषि और बागवानी मंत्रालय Remco Huvermann of Koppert Biological Systems with representative of the Ministry of Agriculture and Horticulture from India for a working visit at Tomatoworld
Connecting people

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Cultilene and Tomatoworld together shoulders under world food problems


Saint-Gobain Cultilene (from Rijen NBr.) has recently become a partner of the information and education centre Tomatoworld from Honselersdijk. Cultilene supplies Albarino horticultural glass, data driven services and innovative substrate solutions that contribute to the optimisation of water and energy consumption in the greenhouse

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Accessibility Tomato World for road works

On 26 November, Trias Westland will start the second phase of the construction of a heat pipe on Zwethlaan. This concerns the construction at the junction with the Broekpolderlaan until just before the junction with the Middel Broekweg (N466). Period 26 November - 21 December 2018 Accessibility of motorised local traffic from Middel Broekweg (N466).

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First harvest hybrid Tomato exposure test

September this year new tomatoes have been planted for the project Hybrid Tomato Lighting at Delphy Improvement Centre. In this project, coarse vine tomatoes are grown under a combination of LED and SONT lighting. This week the first tomatoes were harvested. The main variety is Merlice van De Ruiter. This is no coincidence, because Merlice is one of the strongest and most productive varieties under lights.

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Greenhouse horticulture media tour Colombian journalists

On Monday 12 November, Colombian journalists visited the Tomatoworld Foundation, the World Horti Center and Koppert Biological Systems together with a representative of the Dutch embassy and the RVO. The purpose of this visit to the Netherlands was to connect ideas, regions and the future.

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RELEASE: Codema's new partner Nordian Capital helps achieve ambitions

Codema ready for further growth and internationalisation

Codema is going to realise these ambitions with a new partner: investment company Nordian Capital. The management of the company, with CEO Marcel Koolen, CFO Lennard van der Ham and CCO Gideon de Jager, remains unchanged.



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Pressrelease: Japanese delegation is introduced to solutions for revitalising the horticultural sector, at Tomatoworld,

On Thursday 16 January, Tomatoworld welcomed Japanese Ambassador Hidehisa Horinouchi with members from Japan's First Chamber and from the Ministry of Agriculture. They are involved in the revitalization of agriculture and horticulture in Japan and in the reconstruction of northeast Japan after the 2011 tsunami. Mayor Bouke Arends was present on behalf of Westland. He emphasized that the municipality of Westland has had a good relationship with Japan for many years and in particular with the prefecture of Kochi.


Photograph: Thierry Schut

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