PRESS RELEASE Dutch Sino new partner of Tomatoworld

Dutch Sino Business Promotions B.V. (DSBP) from Rotterdam has joined the Tomatoworld foundation in Honselersdijk as a partner.

DSBP has more than 10 years of experience in supporting Dutch companies, research institutes and government institutions in the Chinese market and vice versa and has served a major role in bringing together Tomatoworld and the recently joined Chinese partner Cau Futong.

Dutch Sino Business Promotions (DSBP) was founded in 2006 and focuses on facilitating and connecting both Dutch and Chinese companies, organizations and governments to achieve their business development goals and expand their international network. Since 2013, DSBP has been the China Desk of the Province of South Holland, providing strategic advice, the organisation of missions and cooperation services. Over the years, DSBP has made a name for itself in the Governmental Relations, Horti-Agriculture and Environmental Resources Management sectors and opened a Chinese office in Shanghai.

The partnership offers Dutch Sino and the other partners of Tomatoworld perspective for making multiple connections in the national and international horticultural sector with the aim: sustainable growth.

Photo: Shaw Qin (Director DSBP) Miranda van den Ende (Director Tomatoworld) and Floriske Deutman-Bodisco Massink (Director DSBP)