Tomatoworld's greenhouse functions as a field and innovation lab for Data Driven Automated Cultivation & Robotics. Leading technology companies demonstrate and validate their advanced technological solutions here and, together with start-ups and students, form an ecosystem aimed at transforming the horticultural sector. Thanks to this culture of collaboration, shared knowledge and experience, and the use of the latest technological developments such as 5G technology, IoT, artificial intelligence and robotics, Tomatoworld illustrates the innovative business model of the Dutch greenhouse horticulture sector.


Tomatoworld's greenhouse is not just a space for crops; it serves as an innovative laboratory for Data-driven Cultivation & Robotics. Here, high-tech companies demonstrate and validate their technologies, together with startups and students. This creates an ecosystem that aims to transform the horticultural industry. Through collaboration, shared knowledge and use of advanced technologies such as 5G, IoT, AI and robotics, Tomatoworld demonstrates a new business model in the Dutch horticultural sector.


The greenhouse also functions as a training facility for programs and offers growers and investors the opportunity to experience the practice of Data-Driven Cultivation.


Visits to Tomatoworld are by appointment only and are supervised by educational staff. In addition to standard tours, we can create tailor-made programs. Our team has in-depth knowledge of greenhouse horticulture and uses experiences from partner companies.


Tomatoworld is an inspiring location for meetings, conferences, training, presentations, educational events and more. We offer various catering options, from lunch and dinner to drinks and snacks. Come experience Tomatoworld for yourself and we will be happy to help you realize your ideas.

Are you interested in High-tech in the greenhouse?

Then visit Tomatoworld's field lab for Data Driven Growing & Robotics.

We give you many reasons why you should visit Tomatoworld!

Knowledge is freely available, questions can be asked and discussions can be had. You can experience the practice in our field lab for data-driven cultivation. The tomatoes are grown using sensors and cameras according to the Plant Empowerment concept.

We take you through the global challenges of, among other things, climate change.

Come and discover the future of horticulture at Tomatoworld!

You can book a tour or discuss your wishes and we will look at the options with you.

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