Since 2008 Tomatoworld is the world of experience that makes the great value of Dutch greenhouse horticulture visible and shows how knowledge, innovation and technologies contribute to the solutions of the world food problem.

Tomatoworld is supported by champions players of the greenhouse horticulture cluster. They have a partnership with Tomatoworld from the believe we have to expose the value of the Horticultural sector.

The initiators and founding fathers of Tomatoworld were Greenco, known from the Tommies cherry tomatoes and The Greenery.

The partners represent the entire sector. By sharing their knowledge, we can provide you, as a visitor, with the latest information.

These leading companies are partners of the Tomatoworld foundation

Tomatoworld welcomes daily visits from leading (domestic and foreign) companies from and outside the sector, governments, tour operators, growers, journalists and policy makers. As a partner, these visitors receive your company information. You can also bring your business relations or employees to Tomatoworld or network after one of the partner meetings. 

Would you like to make use of these advantages while supporting our mission? Become a partner of the Tomatoworld Foundation.

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Or support us and become a friend

Because not every company has the opportunity to enter into a partnership, you can also become a friend of Tomatoworld for € 500.00 or € 1000.00 per year. As a friend, you are less closely involved in the mission propagation process, but we would like to keep you informed through networking meetings and newsletters. 

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