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Harting Holland has become a partner of Tomatoworld because they consider it important that the mission that Tomatoworld carries out is carried out by the entire sector. Harting Holland is a modern greenhouse horticulture company specialising in the cultivation and packaging of various types of tomatoes. Cherry tomatoes, round tomatoes and vine tomatoes are grown in an environmentally friendly way and packed according to customer-specific wishes. A team of dedicated professionals ensures an efficient process. Harting Holland invests in energy-saving measures, such as geothermal heat for heating the greenhouses. At Harting Holland, a successful geothermal drilling was carried out in 2014 together with fellow entrepreneur De Bruijn under the name Geothermie De Lier. Since then, the greenhouses have been heated by means of geothermal energy, which saves 14 to 15 cubic metres of natural gas per m2 per year.

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