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The WHY of Tomatoworld

We believe that the Dutch greenhouse horticulture sector, with its knowledge, technologies and sustainable cultivation methods, can make an unmistakable contribution to the global food problem and that it is important to express this story.

Visitors experiences the Dutch greenhouse horticulture sector and become aware of the value of this sector and its contribution to the world food-challenge.


  • Renewing and having up to date information is possible by partnerships, with companies that are the Champions League players and Masters of Horticulture
  • Your needs for information are leading. For this purpose we have an expert team of guides available.
  • We are open to young and old, national and international, and share our knowledge because SHARING=CARING
  • You will experience the passion and pride of our team. You will be touched by their enthusiasm and you will become our ambassador too.
  • Your horticultural challenges are ours. We connect you with our network to find the right solutions



  • You'll  experience the unique story about Dutch Horticulture.
  • You'll have a multidimensional experience: seeing, hearing, tasting, feeling, smelling, learning.
  • You'll taste of more than 50 tomato varieties
  • You' ll learn about the sustainable cultivation method
  • You'll a choice in different educational programmes for every level of education.
  • With he expertise of our partners we're able to answer your questions
  • Our inspiring conference room available for your meetings and events. 
  • You can stay in touch and being updated via our online Dutch Horti platform 
  • You can meet us on social media.
  • You can use our experts for your event

Sector horticulture innovations

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