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On 05-01-2022 Wim Roosen of Dutch Plantin signed a partnership agreement with information and education centre Tomatoworld.

Dutch Plantin produces coco products at 14 of its own locations in the South of India and is therefore the largest producer/exporter of coco products for the horticultural sector: in 2021, it exported around 2500 containers of compressed coco. From India, potting soil companies, large growers and distributors/importers are supplied directly to more than 70 countries. In and around the Netherlands, the potting compost industry and growers are supplied with coir products. In the greenhouse of Tomatoworld, Dutch Plantin coir mats will also be used in the new growing season.

The partnership offers Dutch Plantin and the other Tomatoworld partners prospects for making multiple connections in the national and international horticultural sector with the aim of sustainable growth. Coco is a substrate for the future: sustainable, 100% organic and with a low CO2 footprint'.

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