Combination Tour: Tomatoworld and World Horti Center jointly organize a Taste & Feel Tour

Within this program, we focus on the tomato section. Visitors have the unique opportunity to participate in a tomato taste test, where they explore the subtle nuances of various tomato varieties and challenge their taste buds.

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Taste & Feel Tour

The Taste & Feel tour is a combined visit to Tomatoworld and World Horti Center. As the name suggests, this tour is all about tasting and experiencing. During a guided tour of the World Horti Center, you will be taken through various theme squares, identity and hardware stands. Additionally, you will see the research greenhouses of Vertify, get a glimpse of MBO Westland where education and business converge, and learn about the over 100 companies that participate in the World Horti Center. Be inspired and informed about the international greenhouse horticulture sector and discover the unique collaboration between entrepreneurs, research, education, and government.

After visiting the World Horti Center, you will make a transfer of up to 5 minutes to Tomatoworld, where a true high-tech field lab experience awaits you. Here, data-driven cultivation and robotics are in the spotlight. An experienced guide will explain how innovative Dutch growers cultivate their products. You will see bumblebees at work and feel how tomato plants grow in a pleasant climate. Once all your questions about cultivation and technologies have been answered, you will enter the Tomatoworld ‘candy store.’ During the season, you can taste various tomato varieties here and learn more about their characteristics and uses.

The cost for this combined tour is €795, excluding VAT, for a maximum of 20 participants. Please note: transportation between the World Horti Center and Tomatoworld is not included, so you will need to arrange your own transport.

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