Do you want to offer an original, versatile and informative program for your clients?

  • Your clients will experience the Dutch greenhouse horticulture at Tomatoworld.
  • We take visitors on board in the global food challenge and make them aware of the value of Dutch greenhouse horticulture and their own role in it.
  • Our demonstration greenhouse that is data driven and ready for the future. We grow more than 35 different tomato varieties. Your clients will see, hear, smell and of course taste large, small, yellow, orange and red tomatoes.
  • Having a lunch or dining is also possible. We have a tasteful offer.
  • We can even offer you various programs together with our partners .

Please contact us for a suitable offer.

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"Tomato World offers a wide range of possibilities"

  • We give guided tours in which the entire process from seed to tomato is depicted. You and your delegation will become acquainted with the innovation of the sector and experience how cultivation in the greenhouse grows.
  • You can rent Tomatoworld, in whole or in part, for a day or part of a day. We organize the entire company programme for you, taking total care of you.
  • We organise day (sub)programmes in which you visit other innovative companies in addition to Tomatoworld, entirely in accordance with your needs.
  • We connect visiting parties with their specific wishes to companies in the sector.

In short, we offer as many tailor-made programmes as possible. Please contact us, without obligation, so that we can make you a suitable proposal.

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