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Tomatoworld has an exhibition that focuses on the global food challenge of feeding 9 billion mouths in 2050. We take you on board in the global challenges of climate change, food waste, freshwater scarcity, urbanisation, finiteness of fossil fuels and food availability and safety. We show which solutions the Dutch greenhouse horticulture sector can offer. Whether it concerns technologies, cultivation methods or food education: during a guided tour we exchange knowledge, we raise awareness and we like to enter into dialogue. The real experience can be found in our demonstration greenhouse, where more than 80 different tomato varieties are grown using the so-called Dutch Method. And by tasting all our different types of tomatoes, you will have a different mindset forever when you buy your tomatoes in the shop.

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Visitors about Tomatoworld

Jos van Mil

Growers and agri/horticulture business Tomato grower from Tommies (Greenco) Excursions for Growers and agri/horticulture business

John Clavel

Food & Retail Agri chef Jumbo Koornneef Excursions for Food & Retail

Natascha Faessen

Business Hoogendoorn Growth Management Excursions for Business

André Nieuwenhuijse

Government/policymakers/ministers Agriculture expert Dutch Government Excursions for Government/policymakers/ministers

Dave van Koppen

Primary school and Highschool Teacher primary school Excursions for Primary school and Highschool

Hans Ligtenberg

Professional education and university Teacher University of Delft Excursions for Professional education and university

Naoko Takashima

Touroperators Guide at Tomatoworld foundation Excursions for Touroperators

Pierre Wind

Cooks/Food/restaurants Chef cook and programmaker Excursions for Cooks/Food/restaurants

Arie Fakkert and friends

Consumer visits Consumers visitors Excursions for Consumer visits

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Tomatoworld is a World Of Welcome (WOW) experience about the high-tech, sustainable Dutch greenhouse horticulture sector. Knowledge is freely available, questions can be asked and discussions can be held. We have tailor-made programmes for national and international companies, organisations, governments, schools, retail and food companies and consumers.

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Agri/horticulture - growers and sector related businessesFood & RetailBusiness, Education PO/VO, Professional education and university, Government/policymakers, Touroperators, Cooks and Food businesses, Consumer visits

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No problem. We are happy to put together a tailor-made programme for you. Personalized to your needs. Call us on the phone number +31 (0) 174 612 525 or mail us through


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Download your application form

March 12,2019

Dear Mr. Harry Barendse

Thank you very much for the time you spent with us.

The meeting was very exciting and rewarding. Explanation based on thoughtful exhibition and extensive experience was easy to understand and it was very helpful for understanding Dutch tomato industry. In addition, we were impressed strongly that Sustainability is positioned as a basic philosophy that supports innovation.

And we appreciate your kind attention to our questions

We hope to be favored with your continued support in the future. With our deepest gratitude,we are looking forward to your further development.

Sincerely yours,

Vice Chairman of Innovation Fusion Society of Japan

In connection with our planning we are bound by the times mentioned. If you arrive late, we must still maintain the end time. Unless no visit is planned after you. The extra time will then be charged.