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Together with the customer, the BICT Group provides the total solution for all ICT issues.

The BICT Group originated from the ICT department of the company V&R Techniek. This company was founded in 1973 and was then still known as Van Rossum Techniek. Since April 2011 the BICT Group was born, one umbrella group from which we offer automation, business telephony, hosted services and data networks.

The specialized team of ICT professionals and employees devises, delivers and manages total solutions for all ICT issues in a flexible and dynamic way. Because they have bundled various specialisms in one company, the customer has a fixed point of contact for all questions, reports or unexpected failures. Faults are detected at an early stage by proactive system management, so that the customer is often only informed afterwards that a fault has occurred and does not notice it during the daily activities.

By working together smartly, our employees tackle issues immediately and the customer can once again focus fully on his daily activities. The challenge of the BICT Group is to completely relieve ICT worries, in which they strive for a long term relationship.

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