Enza Zaden joins Tomatoworld again

In the greenhouse of Tomatoworld, there are 18 tomato varieties of Enza Zaden this year. They have once again joined the network of partners. Enza Zaden develops new vegetable varieties that are grown, sold and eaten all over the world.

As an independent family company, Enza Zaden has been active for three generations. Core values such as entrepreneurship, long-term vision and a focus on innovation characterise the company's distinctive character and healthy growth. The core question that is central to the Tomatoworld exhibition "How to feed almost 10 billion people in 2050" is also an important starting point for Enza Zaden.

In its daily work, it is all about developing the right varieties for the right climate so that varied and healthy vegetables can be eaten all over the world. For Enza Zaden, the new direction of Tomatoworld in which data-driven cultivation technologies are validated and demonstrated is an interesting development that they would like to be a part of.

Interview with Keimpe Veenstra of Enza Zaden