Tomatoworld demo center for Data Driven Growing

It is the 12,5-year anniversary of Tomatoworld and a year in which they have the courage to invest into the future. In cooperation with Hoogendoorn Growth Management, and other Hortimasters, Tomatoworld implements a Data Driven Growing Strategy and becomes a living lab for innovations. This development is the perfect anniversary present to their worldwide business relations who want to be ahead of innovations from the Dutch greenhouse horticulture sector. The livestream launch will take place at 29th of April.

Data Driven Growing (DDG)

The concept of DDG is, as the name implies, based on the use and analysis of data to optimize crop-health and production. Data is collected 24/7 from the climate computer, sensors and cameras in the greenhouse. This raw data is the basis for smart information, presented in user friendly and informative dashboards telling the grower what is happening today and the nearby future in the greenhouse. The continuous flow of data collected during cultivation, generates mind blowing real-time insights into the greenhouse- and the plant health conditions. Insights that can be used to powerup artificial intelligence and machine learning software to grow even smarter over time. Historical data make it possible to discover trends,plan ahead, make predictions and steer the crop proactively according to the growers' goals in terms of quality, quantity and ROI.

System controls the greenhouse

The greenhouse of Tomatoworld is equipped with Hoogendoorn’s innovation in process control; the IIVO. This unique system is capable of monitoring and controlling any model and type of greenhouse. Allowing the grower to grow more, at higher quality while using minimal resources. Combining powerful algorithms, data from the growing environment, physics and plant physiology, allows the system to make the best decisions for optimal growth of the plants in the greenhouse. The combination of IIVO, the system and dozens of cameras and sensors from world’s most innovative companies makes it possible for Tomatoworld to start and implement DDG.

TomatoWorld is proud to demonstrate this innovative technique and at the same time contributing to the validation and development of this unique way of growing, together with her partners. A serious number of companies -from start-ups to multinationals- specialized educational institutions are already participating in the project. Tomatoworld’s intention is to become the ultimate (public accessible) demo center for Data Driven growing worldwide.

The project is also made possible by contributions from our partners, Hagelunie innovatiefonds and Province South Holland/Greenport West Holland.

 Do you want to join the launch of the Data Driven greenhouse 29 th of April 9:30 Amsterdam time > Save your seat.