Welcoming the Gemeenste Westland with Ukrainian delegation

Today was an exciting day when we welcomed the Gemeente Westland together with a delegation from hashtagUkraine, consisting of approximately 50 people.

The day started with a warm welcome by councilor Peter Valstar, followed by an informative introduction about Tomatoworld by interim director Aart Van den Bos. Aart emphasized Tomatoworld's commitment to data-driven approaches and sustainability. Our guide, Ank van der Meulen, then provided valuable insights into the challenge of feeding a growing world population.

The Ukrainian delegation, including about fifteen Ukrainian mayors and thirty to forty representatives from the horticultural sector, spent three days in the Westland region. This visit was intended to promote direct cooperation between Dutch stakeholders and Ukrainian leaders and partners, especially for those interested in opportunities in the horticultural sector.

During the tour, guests explored the greenhouse and learned about growth processes, energy consumption, biological crop protection and water conservation. The discussions also focused on logistics and sustainability, covering topics such as energy efficiency and circular solutions.

The delegation continued its tour to KUBO Greenhouse Projects in Monster, where the emphasis will be on important topics such as greenhouses, horticulture and AGRItech.

The delegation was very enthusiastic by asking a lot of questions and they can't wait to get back to work themselves.